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Visang Education attended VF Franchise Consulting Webinar

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작성일 Apr 06, 2021


Visang Education attended VF Franchise Consulting Webinar on February 24th.

Visang is actively searching for franchisors in ASEAN countries and in this regard, Visang has a partnership with VF Franchise Consulting located in Vietnam, who is an expert in franchising consultancy.

The seminar was held via Zoom, and during the session Visang has shared Company history, our unique products (Wings, ELiF) and future plans.

As COVID-19 gets prolonged, lots of customers especially in the Education field are looking for the utmost technology that allows learning paths not to be ceased.

Visang's Wings and ELiF is originally made as a class-based products, but now with the pace of fast changing environments, Visang is developing Cloud-based Wings and ELiF, which can help teachers and students continue their class even though they are not in the same space.

During the Seminar, Visang shared audiences why they should consider Wings and ELiF as products for the future education.

Visang will continue to find opportunity to share our stories with potential customers via seminars and exhibitions.