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VISANG Education's Brand New Program,"Math Alive" Won Gold i…

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작성일 Jul 28, 2021


VISANG Education’s EdTech mathematics brand design won gold at this year’s “A’ Design Award” (A’ Design Award & Competition 2021) held in Italy. 


Since 2010, winners of the A’ Design Award have been determined annually based on their excellence in design and ideas across 100 sections spanning diverse fields including manufactured goods, graphics, architecture, and interior models. It is hosted by A’ Design Award & Competition SRL and is sponsored by various organizations including the Association of Design.


This year, VISANG Education was awarded gold for EdTech’s math learning brand, “Math Alive” in the “Graphics, Illustration an Visual Communication Design” category.


Math Alive is a global math education program that integrates elementary digital math content into AllviA, a comprehensive education platform developed by VISANG Education.


The competition judgments stated that the logo of Math Alive utilizes a unique design that connects the letters A and V in a mathematical curved-graph shape which innovatively expresses the image of adding life to abstract mathematical concepts. In addition, a graphic motif utilizing 3D graphics expresses visual aesthetics in a creative environment aligned for digital education and heightened learning.


Positive evaluation components also included the design’s bold font and color, as well as dynamic shapes and lines that express the characteristics of Math Alive and its brand philosophy, altogether facilitating intuitive understanding of abstract mathematical notions.


Targeting the global market, Math Alive operates as an interactive learning process by connecting a teacher's electronic smartboard and the students’ tablet PCs. All courses for mathematical learning were developed in English and aimed at meeting US Common Core State Standards (US).


On the AllviA learning platform, global learners can cultivate mathematical thinking through over 300 CCSS aligned concepts that illustrate math not through memorization, but through intuition.


Furthermore, learners can develop the ability to explain mathematical concepts in their own words through personalized problem solving and portfolio tasks that combine metacognitive learning and AI technology.


Since Math Alive is activity-centered and follows global achievement standards, even students who have difficulty in math can actively learn without hesitation regardless of country.