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Action Alphabet, your child’s first alphabet program

The MR-based smart technology for language learning allows your child to learn English in a fun and joyful way.

What is Action Alphabet?

1-year Action Alphabet curriculum for children aged
2 and 3 who are starting to learn English

  • - Learn to listen, read, and write 26 upper-case and lower-case letters
  • - Learn the alphabet through names, animals, objects, foods, and actions in English
  • - First language learning program for preschool children

What is MR (motion recognition) learning?

  • - Uses webcam and TV screen
    Children can learn the alphabet
    by dancing and singing while
    creating the alphabet with their body
    with Action Alphabets’ english digital content
  • - Build confidence and communication
    skills at the same time

Action Alphabet through MR experience

Features of Action Alphabet

  • Check 1 Create your own alphabet book based on interesting stories
  • Check 2 Spark interest and curiosity in children through English digital content
  • Check 3 Language learning through MR (motion recognition) experience

Learning effects of Action Alphabet

  • Interactive english digital content content
    Promotes active brain development, language acquisition, and expressiveness in preschool children
  • Revisit-based learning method for preschool children
    By watching themselves in real-time video,
    children can develop confidence and communication skills

Action Alphabet curriculum

Interesting and fun english digital content

English digital content uses various stories to allow children
to learn the alphabet through activities.

MR (motion recognition) content for experience and participation

MR program allows children to experience,
participate, and communicate in the learning process of language learning

Quiz Time

Create the alphabet with your body and take English quizzes for language learning

Dancing time

Sing and dance and develop confidence
while watching yourself on the screen

Book content of Action Alphabet

1 set of textbook (total 10 sets provided in a year)

- 3 alphabet books
- 1 workbook (including stickers)
- Song poster & word poster

(Total: 26 alphabet books, 4 alphabet story books,
10 workbooks, 10 song posters)

Create your own alphabet book with Action Alphabet’s English Digital Content

Learn and review the alphabet (upper- and lower-case letters)
through recognition, writing activities, and stickers

Download Book Sample

Video & Brochure