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With the independent spirit to see the ordinary from a different perspective,
VISANG is creating a new global educational culture

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Visang Wings, Smart English Interactive learning program for preschoolers

Visang Wings was created for enhancing active communication between teachers and students.
All students can actively participate in learning through the use of smart boards and pads
which enable communication between teachers and students as well as among students themselves.

Multi-dimensional learning environment

With the use of digital devices, a multi-dimensional learning environment is created
and educational content of Visang Wings is optimized for preschool language acquisition.

Balanced language skills

The smart digital education environment enables high-quality teaching even without native English speakers as teachers
by helping preschool children focus on the learning process naturally.

Digital education content suitable for preschoolers

Visang Wings content has been designed based on the developmental stage
and characteristics of preschool children. Songs and dances
based on the alphabet and 3D characters will bring out children’s imaginations.

Learning books linked with digital education content

The learning books are 100% aligned with the digital content
so that the students can learn in diverse ways.

Visang Wings learning book content

A total of 10 sets are provided per year (Set 1 and 6 includes textbooks).
A total of 30 sets are provided over 3 years.




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Spiral curriculum for repeated and
expansive learning of the same subjects

Beyond digital interactive learning, Visang Wings integrates basic math, science, and art content based on
storytelling and integrated learning activities according to the developmental stage of the children.

Curricula are optimized for preschool children
so that they can have an enjoyable interactive learning experience

A Level for 10 months + additional review unit for 2 months

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Lexile level of Visang Wings

Growing with improving English skills

The parents’ app is synced with the Visang Wings! app to provide learning content
and to help you check your children’s progress anytime and anywhere.

Global footprints of Visang Wings

2016, Signed supply agreements with the Chinese company, New Oriental Education
2018, Signed supply agreements with the Vietnamese company, American Learning Lab
2019, Signed supply agreements with the Chinese company, Angels Education.

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