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With the independent spirit to see the ordinary from a different perspective,
VISANG is creating a new global educational culture

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Preschool English program based on AR & MR experiences

Visang Challenge fosters proper habits for learning Kindergarten English
along with digital media experience

Challenge - I can do it!

English reading skill for balanced literacy is an essential competency
in today’s globalized world that allows children to improve their problem-solving and
critical thinking skills, creativity, and collaborative attitude.

Visang Challenge's 3-year curriculum for kindergarten english

Challenge curriculum for ages 3 to 5
3-year curriculum (Step 1 to 3)

Challenge’s Learning Goal
to create systematic reading habits

Syllabus Download

How to enjoy the Challenge program with different devices

In Class

smart learning via motion recognition (MR)

At Home

Use the AR app
and parents’ app to enable learning anywhere and anytime

available for iOS and Android

Digital content for maximum learning results

Main digital content in class

The digital content awakens children’s curiosity through various learning activities
so that they can be naturally exposed to and learn English.

MR (motion recognition) content through experience and participation

Review via MR activity in class

Program for educational institutions that helps students actively participate, experience, and communicate with learning activity.

AR (augmented reality) learning activity content for fun kindergarten english

Review with parents via AR learning activity at home

Learn English at home with animated characters

Parents’ app to check your child’s learning progress

Review with parents via animated videos at home

This app helps you participate in your child’s learning and create a learning environment at home.

Book content

Reading practice according to your child’s developmental stage
=> Balanced English reading skills

1 set of Challenge books

Reading book / Practice book / Sticker book
(2 sets for 1 year, 1 set per five-month period)

Book Sample Download

Challenge class for natural and fun English learning

Video & Brochure