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Self-directed learning optimized for individual learners

englisheye is a self-directed learning program for primary and middle school students.
Students follow the program independently using a smart pad.

Innovative self-directed learning program for English

englisheye provides independent English lessons for students with
varying levels of English skill in one class with a self-directed learning program.

From “ABC” to “English essay writing”

englisheye teaches different grammatical elements and English expressions
for different levels of English conversation skill over the course of six years.
By watching the story videos, students will naturally learn English expressions
and grammar and then review them in the textbook. The systematic textbook content
helps improve grammar, vocabulary, and essay writing.

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How can students learn English without native English speakers?

englisheye’s self-directed learning content is focused on “listening -> speaking -> reading -> writing” in order.
Learners watch English videos without subtitles and guess
the meaning of different words and sentences based on the context.
By reviewing these in the textbook and writing their own essays,
students can learn English and english conversation skills in just the same way
they learned their first language. It naturally helps to enhance english conversation skills.

englisheye by global standards

By having their differences in level subdivided,
children can have fun learning according to their learning abilities.

Check your children’s English essays every month

englisheye’s management system allows you to check your children’s
learning progress and provides reports. Also, various learning activities are
assigned based on this progress analysis to help boost students’ English and English conversation skills.

Powerful englisheye LMS

englisheye LMS enables efficient and effective education business management.
It includes an attendance check for students and provides visible data
to provide learning consultation to parents.

Global footprints of englisheye

2019. Signed a supply agreement with APAX Holdings, Vietnam

APAX Holdings is a subsidiary of the Egroup education provider in Vietnam, and launched the English education brands Apax English and Apax Leaders.

2019. Entered the South American market by signing a supply agreement with Joless Technologies SA, Paraguay

Joless Technologies SA is providing a Spanish version of englisheye for afterschool and official curriculum programs at six educational
institutions including a private school.

2018. Signed a supply agreement with TimeJoy Education Group, China

Founded in 2001, TimeJoy Education Group is a children’s English education provider supplying English education programs, englisheye, to over 1,000 preschools in China.

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